A Truck Bed Mat Protects Your Truck From Scratches

Posted on: 19 May 2021

If you have a fairly new pickup truck, you probably want to protect it from scratches. A good option to consider is a truck bed mat. These mats fit in the bed of your truck so the things you haul won't scuff the metal of your truck even if they're slid across the bed. Mats can be removed, so they're not a permanent solution like a truck bed liner that is sprayed on. Here are some things to know about truck bed mats.

Rubber Is A Common Material

Rubber truck bed mats are popular since rubber provides cushioning and tolerates outdoor conditions well. Plus, rubber helps grip your items so they don't slide around while you're driving. Rubber isn't the only material the mats come in. You can find a rubber and nylon mix, plastic, marine carpet, and a combination of rubber and outdoor carpet.

Consider why you want a mat when determining the right type to buy so the mat does what you want and fits your budget. For instance, if you want a mat for comfort when you're camping in your truck, you might want a mat made of rubber that's topped with outdoor carpeting. If you'll be hauling heavy items, you may want a thick rubber carpet. If you'll haul mostly lightweight things and just want a mat to keep the truck bed clean, then plastic might work.

Installation Methods Vary

Another thing to consider when you buy a truck bed mat is how the mat is installed. Some are held down with screws, and you may not want to drill all those holes in your truck bed. Others are held down with snaps that attach to your truck with adhesive. Other truck bed liners are heavy and stiff enough to stay put by themselves, and these don't need screws or adhesive.

You Can Buy A Universal Mat

You might want to buy a truck bed mat made specifically for your truck model that's a precise fit. However, that isn't always necessary since you can buy a universal mat that fits in any truck once it's been trimmed. Since mats are usually made of rubber, you can trim the mat to fit your truck bed no matter what kind of truck you have.

You May Need An Additional Tailgate Mat

When you shop for a new truck bed mat, check if a tailgate mat is included. You will probably need to buy the tailgate mat separately, and you may need one to keep your tailgate from scuffing when you load heavy or long items in your truck.

Truck bed mats come in a variety of prices, so you'll need to compare different types to make sure you get one you like. You can use a mat with or without a bed liner. A mat provides plenty of protection to the floor of your truck bed, so you'll save money over installing a liner and you'll be able to remove the mat when you're ready to sell the truck.