How To Care For Your Retractable Tarp System

Posted on: 13 November 2019

If you have invested in a retractable tarp system for your truck, you want to make sure you understand how to take proper care of it so that you can get as much usage out of your investment as possible.

Watch How You Fill Your Vehicle

Your tarp system is made to cover up your vehicle when the material load doesn't exceed the height of your vehicle's storage area. The tarp is not made to stretch over an extended load that extends over the top of the side of your cab or vehicle.

When you stretch your tarp over an oversized load, you run the risk of ruining the tarp. Keep your loads the right size in order to get as much usage as possible out of your tarp.

Protect the Crank Handle

Retractable tarp systems have a crank handle for manual operation. Even electronic systems generally have a hand crank for back-up operations in case the electronic crank fails.

Make sure that you keep the crank handle inside of its protective holder. Don't drive or operate your vehicle with the crank handle extended. This can lead to the crank handle getting bumped and damaged. Your crank handle will last longer, and without the need for repairs, when you keep it properly stored when you don't need it.

Don't Use the Tarp When the Truck Bed Is Elevated

If you have a truck bed that you can raise up and down, you should only operate the retractable tarp system when the truck bed is in the down position — don't operate it when the truck bed is elevated. This could result in damage to the system.

Clean Snow Off the Tarp

If you live somewhere where snowfall is common in the wintertime, you need to clean the snow off your tarp before you open it. Cleaning the snow off your tarp before you open it will help keep snow off the load your tarp is covering up. Additionally, snow is really heavy and trying to open your tarp when it has all that weight sitting on it could damage the tarp.

With a retractable tarp system, don't try to stretch the tarp across an oversized load, protect the crank handle when not in use, only use the tarp system when your truck bed is lowered, and always clean snow off the tarp before opening it up. Doing these things will extend the usable life of your retractable tarp system.